Greek Inspired Chicken Wraps

October 28, 2016

As a lunch guy I must admit I’m not the biggest fan of sandwiches. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a good sandwich, or eat more than my fair share of quick Subway pickups, but overall, there’s a whole host of food I’d prefer for lunch. One of my favourites are wraps. I’ve never been much of a baker – rye bread failures occur every two to three weeks in my household – but whipping up a fast and simple flatbread is easy, even for the likes of me. Check out my go to flatbread recipe.


Early in the morning, my brain function is quite low, so when it comes to prepping lunch, the simpler the better. We enjoyed some honey sriracha chicken wings last night, and in anticipation of tomorrow’s lunch, I added a breast to the grill. Doing double duty on a cooking session is a great way to cut down on kitchen time – that is if you actually want to cut down on kitchen time. Tuesday morning all it took was some quick slicing and chopping and I was ready to do up my wraps. Kalamata olives are a nice salty touch, particularly when the tub of Feta you saw in the fridge isn’t actually Feta, but a reused container of leftovers from two weeks ago.

It’s important to reheat the flatbread before putting them together, I throw mine in the oven at 175˚C /350˚F for five minutes to loosen them up. Once that’s done I prefer to build the wrap on tinfoil, it allows for a fast roll and seal technique, before the goodies start to escape and the whole thing unravels. A base line of tzatziki sauce is another important step. 


It is important not to overfill your flatbread – it will make the wrapping difficult, and the flatbread susceptible to tearing. That said, an extra slather of tzatziki can also threaten to create an over-juicy wrap, which can lead to sogginess or tearing, but as someone who loves sauciness, sometimes the rewards are worth the risk. Once your flatbread is appropriately topped and sauced, I start the wrapping process by folding in the bottom, then wrapping across with one side. At the point, careful to hold the flatbread in place, I pull over the tinfoil and complete the wrap tightly. Lastly, a fold on the tinfoil bottom and a twist on the top, and you have compact, delicious, Greek inspired chicken wraps ready to take to work.