About Cellar Direct

Everything Starts Here 

CELLAR DIRECT specializes in wines that reflect a sense of place and the inherent qualities of the vintage. They respect the traditions of the region’s winegrowing heritage. From low yielding, sustainably farmed, organic or biodynamic vineyards to minimal intervention winemaking techniques in the cellar, this is fine winemaking at its purest level.


We offer no big commercial brands and never will. Our winegrowers are small. While large economies of scale can make economic sense, they generally neutralize the very thing we look for in a wine – personality.


Our winegrowers live among their vineyards. They work their vineyards using methods that respect the land. This is not a matter of dogma or marketing, or being organic or biodynamic. It’s about producing extraordinary wines while preserving the land for future generations.


This approach produces wines of exceptional freshness and purity of fruit. They have finesse, balance and elegance. Most important they are delicious! We are not looking for tasting specimens but for wines that are a joy to drink.
Cellar Direct ships its wine directly from the winegrower’s cellars to our warehouse then to you in conditions that protect the wine’s quality, its fruit flavours and freshness. Our goal is to ensure that Cellar Direct wines taste exactly the same when you pour them at home as they would if you tasted them in the winegrower’s cellar.