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1. How do I become a member of Cellar Direct

Easy, simply sign up to receive our informative weekly newsletter and email offers.

2. What is the main benefit of becoming a member of Cellar Direct?
Cellar Direct is the only wine club that specializes in hard-to-find, sustainably made wines from small, artisan winemakers.  

3. How can I buy Cellar Direct wines?
That’s easy. Simply sign up to receive our informative weekly newsletter and email offers.

4. Can I give Cellar Direct wine as a gift?
Yes. Just choose one of our offerings from our newsletter, or if there is something available on our online store (Last Call) send it as a gift.  

5. Shipping
Cellar Direct will contract on your behalf ATS Healthcare to ship your orders; however we may contract other carriers at our discretion. ATS Healthcare uses temperature controlled trucks that allow your wine to be shipped at any time regardless of weather or temperature conditions, and they offer excellent rates. All deliveries require a signature and picture proof of age verification (legal age of majority to purchase alcohol) upon arrival.

6. Can I combine my purchases into full 12 bottle cases to minimize shipping costs?
Yes, just send us an email requesting this option and we will build your purchases into full 12 bottle cases before we ship.

7. When will I receive my wine?
We usually ship once a month. Cellar Direct endeavors to have all wines available at the time we offer them or shortly thereafter. However, due to the complexities of importing wine not all wines offered will be immediately available and when this is the case the offer will note this as well as the expected availability date. Delivery to major cities should be from three to five days. Rural areas will take longer.

8. What methods of payment are accepted?
Visa, Mastercard, and Amex.

9. Can I purchase more of the wines I particularly enjoy?  
Yes, provided they are still available you will be able to purchase them from our online store. We build long term relationships with our winemakers and will bring in their new vintages as demand warrants, so if you want a wine but it is out of stock there is a good chance we will have the new vintage when it becomes available.

10. What happens if I get a bad bottle?
Please see “Return Information” on our Shipping Information page.

11. Does the price of the wine offers or those listed on the Cellar Direct online store include shipping?
Shipping costs vary depending on the number of bottles purchased, the carrier you choose and where the wine will be shipped. It will be calculated after you finalize your order and before check out.

12. Does the price of the wine include Sales Tax? 
No. This will be calculated after you finalize your order and before check out.

13. What happens if my wine arrives damaged?
Please see “Return Information”.

14. What if I don’t like a particular wine?
We cannot accept returns on wines that do not conform to your personal tastes.

15. How does Cellar Direct source its wines?
We work directly with winegrowers and through an import company we bring the wines into Alberta. Cellar Direct then sources the wine through a Calgary based licensed retailer.