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Cellar Direct aims to be Canada’s leading online provider of fine artisan wines delivered to your door at the lowest prices possible. We specialize in wines that reflect a sense of place, the talent and commitment of the winegrowers and the quality of the vintage. Ideally, these wines come from organic or biodynamic vineyards, contain no additives except for the possible traditional use of sulfur and undergo minimal technical manipulation. If you are eager to expand your palate and explore new, delicious wines Cellar Direct will introduce you to some of the world’s finest. 

Cellar Direct wines have finesse, balance and elegance rather than raw power. They tend to shy away from high alcohol and fruit extraction and new oak flavours. They can be enjoyed on their own but go best with food.

Our wines are offered exclusively through our free emails. When you join the Cellar Direct email list we will send you one email each week. Usually these will feature the "Weekly Wine" and it will be available until it is sold out. There are no commitments and you'll learn about some great, hard to find wines.

Cellar Direct is the brain child of Ron van Schilt, JP Dunlop and Steven Reichheld. Ron has travelled to major wine growing regions for 40 years and tastes hundreds of wines a year. In 2012 he launched his own artisan wine import company and in 2013 was joined by his two long-time friends J.P Dunlop and Steven Reichheld, both passionate about wine and seasoned professionals in writing, web design and e-commerce.

Cellar Direct offers exceptional prices because we source our wines directly from the winegrower. There are no middlemen, no extra fingers in the pie, and combined with the efficiencies of email and e-commerce we pass the savings on to you.