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Cellar Direct Holiday Three Pack

Cellar Direct Holiday Three Pack - Cellar Direct

A Trifecta of Stunning Sparklers

Are you looking for a special gift for a loved one, friend or business associate? Have you searched for something for that someone who has it all, yet to no avail? Or do you simply want great wines to share with family and friends over the holiday season? Here are three of our absolute favourite sparklers, all of them guaranteed to impress while being easy on the wallet.

Everything about these small, passionate winegrowers screams authenticity and artisanship. This three-pack is a case study in meticulously handcrafted, delicious and cellar worthy sparkling wines that easily outshine some of the biggest brand named champagnes, only at a far lower price. If you love Champagne and would drink it more often if it weren’t so pricy, this offer is for you.

Francois et Julien Pinon “Brut Non Dosé” Méthode traditionelle 2012
Vouvray, Loire Valley, France

This wine is a vinous revelation. Crafted from handpicked, organically grown 100% Chenin Blanc grapes sourced from some of the finest vineyards in Vouvray, this is a serious blanc de blanc that you can enjoy by yourself or afford to serve at dinner parties, and it is sure to impress those who might receive it as a gift. Primary fermentation occurs in large, old wood barrels. The second fermentation occurs in the bottle and the wine rests on its lees for two years while it ages in cool, stone cellars. Most sparkling wines, including Champagne, are topped up with a little sweet, still wine to determine their final level of sweetness. “Non Dosè” means this wine does not receive this added sweetener leaving it wonderfully dry. Brilliant gold in colour it has a persistent, lively effervescence that delivers everything you could want from a sparkling wine. Its aromatics are beautiful and complex, lush with apple, quince, pear, passionfruit, honeycomb, biscotti and a potpourri of citrus. The fruit follows through on the palate along with a creamy weight and a flinty minerality, all evolving into something more complex and mouth-watering. And even though there’s no dosage it’s in perfect balance; deep and rich enough on its own while being refreshingly dry. This is one of the finest non-Champagne sparkling wines you can find.

Ratzenberger Bacharacher Riesling Sekt Brut 2013
Mittelrhein, Germany  

This is one of the Germany’s finest sparkling wines. It is made from 100% Riesling in the traditional Champagne method and is easily its equal. This Sekt offers something for every wine lover; it’s extremely limited, it’s on Michelin-starred wine lists and not otherwise available in Canada. It’s the product of natural, meticulous winegrowing and cellar work, and it offers great value. This is a delicious, steely, delicate and complex wine with a refreshing and refined finish that lingers on the palate. All vineyard work is by hand, yields are low, what little fertilizer that’s applied is organic, and pheromones are used in lieu of insecticides to attract beneficial insects and repel the nasty ones. In the cellar only indigenous yeasts are used for fermentation and the wine was aged on its lees. The estate’s beautiful, extensive vaulted stone cellars provide the perfect, naturally cool place to age the wine. No additives, including sulphur, were used. This is a vintage Sekt that is dry, steely and age-worthy. It is excellent as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to sushi, tempura or caviar.

Ferdinando Principiano Spumate Extra Brute Rosé Belén 2015
Piedmont, Italy

Picture medieval villages atop sprawling vineyards fragranced with the aromas of truffles – this is the Langhe Valley in Piedmont and the home of this traditionally made Spumante Extra Brut Rosé Belén 2015. And by ‘traditionally made’ we mean the Champagne method, or Metodo Classico as the Italians call it. This is a dry, elegant and ultra-refreshing rosé that speaks Italian with a French accent. The beautiful, fine creamy bubbles give it a fresh and stunning mouthfeel, and along with the nuanced flavours of brioche and lemon zest you think you’re enjoying Champagne. It’s beautifully aromatic with floral and fresh red raspberry notes, and on the palate it rich and full flavoured, crisp, fresh and grippy with distinct notes of raspberry and a subtle salinity. The finish is long and supported by a racy, refreshing acidity. This delightful sparkling rosé is from Ferdinando Principiano, one of the leading natural winegrowers in Italy and one of Piedmont’s top producers. It offers the pleasures of Champagne but at a much lower price, and with the upcoming festive season, that’s a good thing. This wine is made from handpicked 100% Barbera grapes. The wine rested on its lees for about a year. Delicate small bubbles give it a fresh, stunning mouthfeel. Only 500 cases were made.

This all-star three-bottle lineup normally sells for $128 if purchased separately. Through this offer you can purchase these wines for $110 – a 10% savings. This is our way of saying Thank You for supporting Cellar Direct. We hope you enjoy drinking these wines as much as we enjoyed selecting them for you. From all of us at Cellar Direct, Best Wishes for the Holiday Season and Happy New Year!